25 February 2008


angela came by one night in december for some fine crafting in the studio. i had neglected to send little "i'm thinking of you and oh, merry christmas" things to far away friends so that night i birthed artcards. the initial trys were a success from coast to coast...now the process of making artcards in one way or another encompasses much of my awake time. everything that strikes my eye now i must cut up, cut out. i am now a cutter. as a hunter is a gatherer i am a cutter and a gel medium-er. these are a few of what i've come up with so far.

11 December 2007


saturday @ the reBar was a great time...thank you to all who came out to support the collective! a group of nine emerging artists, including myself, held an opening reception at the reBar in DUMBO, bk...the two images above are the two works i showed...they are each 54"x60" and ironically match the couches...YES!

the turn out was great...many friendly faces...one highly intoxicated pal spilling beers and simply having a jolly time...a real hit...two new pals conversing their way deeper into the couch...many surprise appearances by the best of friends...no voice...severe cold...dog fish head 60 minute...all of this the perfect blend.
thanks again everyone...i had a blast...and the work looked great...

24 November 2007

contours at st mark's

after hearing about kim's video on st mark's from two different friends the previous night frankie and i decided to see what it was all about. so yesterday we bundled up to hit the cold and windy streets...overpriced coffees in hand. for those of you who don't know about this video store you must go now. every video you have had trouble finding in the past will be there...and it will be cheap. the location is st mark's and 3rd.

...after strolling around we stopped into the st mark's ale house for a pint...or three...at the bar we sat next to a man that was on his way to get the skin in between his thumb and pointer pierced. although his same hand rejected the same piercing two weeks ago he was determined to still carry out his ridiculous mission because after all it is a very cool piercing to have. he left the bar in a weaving manner and came back, hand puffy and red, to put back a few more and show off his manliness. boy did it work.

...these are the drawings i did at the ale house...

23 November 2007

crayon drawings rule

about two weeks ago my husband, frankie, and i decided to get elementary for a few hours. a drawing assignment from class turned into a draw-a-thon in my home studio as the two of us created crayon drawings from a still life. drawing with crayons is a very hard thing to do. if you don't believe me just try. try to make a picture that doesn't ring kindergarten. no matter what the outcome the process is fun and carefree. here are some drawings the two of us ended up with. frankie got involved with planes and color while i decided to create pseudo-contour drawings lifting the crayon only to change color.

21 November 2007


and i welcome myself to my first blog. with this i intend to speak freely and purposefully on issues that will not necessarily matter to many but interest me enough to share. i am a painter, a pianist, a writer...a true renassiance woman. (laughing). as i start to push forward in new york's art scene i'm sure i will have much to discuss and write on and hopefully some of you will contribute and enjoy...